How Can Credit Cards Improve My Credit Score?

Credit cards are a great utility in helping consumers build their credit score because they establish a revolving credit line.  By having an open account and keeping it in good standing, you will begin to establish positive credit history.  

So how will this help my credit score?

If you have a credit card open for 1 year, you will have 12 positive payments attached to this account on your credit report.  With each positive payments added, the trade line becomes more beneficial to your credit score.

How can I use credit cards to improve my credit score?

To maximize the full benefits, you should keep your monthly balances between $10 to $20.  Speak with your credit card provider to find out the day of the month when your balance is reported to the credit bureaus. With a little diligence, you can time your payments so that they are applied before the full balance is reported.

Where can I find credit card offers to help increase my credit score?

There are many sites that have credit card offers however Cornerstone Client Solutions specifically chooses the offers designed to improve credit scores.  Check out their offers at

Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit Score